glaudinimas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. compaction; compression; packing vok. Kompression, f; Komprimierung, f; Packung, f; Verdichtung, f rus. сжатие, n; упаковка, f; уплотнение, n pranc. emballage, m; empaquetage, m

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  • Compaction — may refer to: Soil compaction, for mechanically induced compaction near the ground surface Compaction (geology), part of the process of lithification involving mechanical dewatering of a sediment by progressive loading under several km of… …   Wikipedia

  • compaction — ● compaction nom féminin (de compact) En métallurgie des poudres, densification résultant d une compression ou d un traitement thermomécanique. compaction [kɔ̃paksjɔ̃] n. f. ÉTYM. D. i.; de compact. ❖ ♦ Géol., techn. Densification; création d un… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • compaction — [kəm pak′shən] n. a compacting or being compacted; compression …   English World dictionary

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  • compaction — Process that occurs during the morula stage of embryogenesis in which blastomeres increase their cell cell contact area and develop gap junctions. In mice compaction occurs at the 8 cell stage and after this the developmental fate of each cell… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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  • compaction — noun The process of compacting something, or something that has been compacted. At Smithfield Frith is being shovelled up, his youth, his grace, his learning and his beauty: a compaction of mud, grease, charred bone …   Wiktionary

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